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Counter-Strike is a multiplayer game in the genre of team "first-person shooter" - the player perceives the world through the eyes of his character, and the main emphasis is on fighting with the use of weapons. Counter-Strike appeared at the very beginning of the 2000s, being created on the game engine of the popular single-player game Half-Life, several versions have since been released that have made significant changes to the rules, process, and appearance of the csgo betting site. The plot is based on a confrontation between two parties - terrorists and police, who are usually called "counterterrorists" in the game. Teams take turns playing for both. The main difference is that one of the terrorists has a C4 bomb, which it is advisable to put ("zaplenti") in certain places ("plenty") on the game map. Accordingly, the "counterterrorists" defend these places. The most important role is played by tactics - both individual and team (distribution of weapons and responsibilities of players, collective attack or defense of the territory). The game uses many famous types of firearms - from various pistols, machine guns and rifles to shotguns, machine guns and, of course, sniper rifles (the most famous is AWP, it is also an “elephant” or “elephant”) with the ability to use an optical sight. Weapons differ in lethal force, rate of fire and price. Some weapons are more popular among players than others. If a player dies in a round, the weapon must be bought again. Those who survived retain their weapons for the next round. Weapons can be picked up from the body of a murdered comrade or enemy, as well as transferred to a partner. There are restrictions on the number of weapons. You can carry only one type of pistol and one type of main weapon. You can also buy combat, blinding and smoke grenades, body armor and helmets (they allow you to hold out longer after you hit).
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